Dallas Nagata White Shows Us The Many Brilliant Faces Of Hawaii's Full Moon (PHOTOS)

Many generations ago, the people of Hawaii survived on the islands by listening to the patterns of the Earth and observing the many phases of the moon in a starry sky.

Poepoe, the 10-day phase of the full moon, meant abundance -- it was a time of the year when the fishing would bring a plentiful harvest, feeding many mouths and keeping the community alive. But it was also a time of great beauty and wonder, as the mountains and sea were illuminated under the bright light of the moon, and in so many ways, that wonder and beauty still echoes through the islands today.

On a night like tonight -- a supposed eerie full moon on Friday the 13th -- we invite you to instead embrace and admire the natural marvel of that celestial sphere.

Below, observe the beauty of the full moon's many brilliant faces from the islands of Hawaii, Oahu and Kauai, as seen through the lens of Dallas Nagata White:


purple lava

city moon

lava full

full moon over field

man and moon

palms and moon


reaching for moon

stars moon mts

waikiki moon

moon and cliff

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