Hawaiian Gay Marriage Law Will Lead To Self-Marriage, Jim Hochberg Claims

Gay Marriage Will Lead To Five Spouses Or Even Self-Marriage, Pundit Claims

Hawaii Family Advocates President Jim Hochberg is not happy with the recent progress his home state has made toward legalizing the right of same-sex couples to tie the knot. While his arguments aren't necessarily new, they certainly are entertaining.

In the above video, Hochberg declares, "We have bisexual people who like to have sex with both their own and the other gender -- so should they be able to have two spouses? And then, why not four so that each person can have two of the other and one of the same? Or five? Or whatever?... I read on the Internet that a woman somewhere married herself because she had her inner groom. It's just getting ridiculous!"

It's worth noting that Nadine Schweigert, the woman who "married herself" in 2012, did so in a symbolic ceremony of self-love and empowerment six years after her divorce and lost custody battle for her children.

If these right-wing pundits are to be believed, same-sex marriage is apparently opening the gates of "immorality" for all of humanity. Or, as another attack ad informed us yesterday, there will be "terrible consequences [that] will affect everyone and everything imaginable forever."

At least we now know what the Hawaiian anti-gay pundits are trying to claim when invoking the "bisexual marriage" argument.

(h/t JMG)

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