19 Signs Hawaii Has Lost Its Magic (For You)

Yes, it's gorgeous. And yes, you're over it.

Let's get one thing straight, right off the bat: Hawaii is a magical place, chock full of life-changing experiences, mind-altering perspectives and sunsets to swoon over.

But it's also a small island chain in the middle of the Pacific, which means it can be difficult for some visitors to spend more than a few years living there.

With a high-turnover rate among residents, it's clear the Aloha State isn't meant to be everyone's forever home. This is welcome news to those who think it's already too crowded, and a familiar realization for those who feel they've been there, done that.

Below, 19 signs you're part of the latter group and you're over living in paradise.

You have no interest in checking out "this awesome hike" someone just did.
Holger Leue / LOOK-foto via Getty Images
You've hiked Kalalau Trail on Kauai. You've climbed the "Stairway to Heaven" on Oahu. You've been spoiled, you know, but now it feels like only Mount Kilimanjaro could take your breath away.
When a young, cheerful person at the smoothie place greets you with "Aloha," you simply state your order.
You've tried saying "aloha" casually. It's never not been awkward. Let's just move on please.
When the Eddie was called, you didn't even think of going.
Civil Beat/Anthony Quintano
That traffic. Those crowds. All to see some big waves? You'll just look at them on Instagram.
But you refuse, on principle, to like any wave photo on Instagram.
Clark Little did a cool thing in 2007. But now it's 2016, and you've seen enough shorebreak copycats to last a lifetime.
You think you may have mercury poisoning.

Fresh Ahi Poke #alohafriday #noms #beerme #happyhour #tamuras

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Poke bowls for lunch. Poke bowls for dinner. You need some distance from fresh tuna.
You've reached the end of Tinder.
Seriously. You've seen everyone on there. There's no one left...within 3,000 miles!
Rainbows just don't do it for you anymore.
M Swiet Productions via Getty Images
Okay, okay, this rainbow is pretty awesome, but you'd still prefer the colors of fall foliage over the run-of-the-mill rainbow about town.
And neither do waterfalls.
Zoonar/S.Heap via Getty Images
The first waterfall hike you did was a revelation. The second was inspiring. But somewhere around the 10th-15th, you realized that ubiquity is the death of magic.
Your eyes roll out of your head when people talk about their “connection with the ocean.”
"Yep, I saw your shark dive Instagram."
Tourists in Waikiki make you irrationally angry.
Paul Chesley via Getty Images
The happiness in Waikiki should be contagious. Instead you wonder why all these people are spending thousands of dollars to be at a crowded beach with trucked-in sand.
You're ready for "a challenge."
The monotonous weather gives you an inexplicable "Groundhog Day" feeling. But instead of realizing you just need a change of scenery, you start blaming your career rut on Hawaii's "low ceiling."
You start to resent Honolulu's skyline.
Civil Beat/Cory Lum
Seriously, Honolulu, why so much beige?
You've grown (*gasp*) tired of the food.
Hawaii is home to some of the best ramen and sushi in the nation. But all you can think about is the perfect burrito.
You've stopped driving "with aloha."
RapidEye via Getty Images
It used to be all “Shaka for you. And you. And you.” Now, it’s middle fingers for all.
The most "boring" mainland visits turn out to be anything but.
Even your cousin's wedding in Omaha ended up being a blast. Not because you saw your great Aunt Mildred, but because vacation is a state of mind. And when you’re stuck 3,000 miles from the closest change of scenery, it's a tough mindset to achieve.
But now you're broke.
Multi-bits via Getty Images
Never mind that just flying inter-island will cost you $150 (for a 30-minute flight!), but anytime you want to go to the mainland, you're almost guaranteed to spend $1,000.
JK, JK, you've always been broke.
Because milk costs $8 in Hawaii, and you spend $2,000 a month on a windowless, air conditioner-less studio apartment.
So while gorgeous scenery like this will always have a place in your heart
Michele Falzone via Getty Images
You're more than ready to move on.

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