'Road Rage Lady' Arrested In Hawaii After Video Goes Viral (Explicit Language)


Kimberly Ong, 45, turned herself in to police on Friday after a video of her road rage went viral, according to Hawaii News Now.

The video, which was recorded by Ryan Arakaki while he was driving his truck, shows Ong driving erratically while honking and screaming at Arakaki for cutting her off. She drives against traffic to confront Arakaki before speeding ahead and stopping at a stop sign.

As Arakaki pulls up behind her, she exits her vehicle, approaches Arakaki's window and tries to smack his phone away -- all while her young son is in the passenger seat of her minivan.

Arakaki admitted on his YouTube channel that he cut off Ong because she was "looking down at something, maybe on her phone ... but there was a good car and a half length of free space" in front of her. After he cut her off, he saw that she was "visibly upset."

When KITV4 News asked Ong about the altercation, she said Arakaki started it and accused him of trying to crash into her and taunting her.

"I don't totally, 100 percent regret it," she told news reporters, "though I guess that I could have maybe chose some better words. But I was extremely angry."

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