Hawaii's 'Secret Beaches' Are Surprisingly Easy To Find. Here's How.

Hello, clothing-optional beach accessible only by four-wheel drive.
Looking for Hawaii's best kept secrets? Turns out, they're not all that hard to find.
The Aloha State has six unofficial beaches that are all called "secret." Ironically, some of these hidden spots aren't really so undiscovered. In fact, most of them have official names, and are relatively easy to find. Maui's Secret Cove, for example, is a popular spot for wedding ceremonies, and Kauai's Secret Beach can be found easily on Google.
But while these so-called "secret" escapes share the same nickname, each one of them has their own unique perks -- from a clothing-optional beach accessible only by four-wheel drive, to sandy bays of perfection within earshot of luxury resorts.
Below, discover six Hawaii beaches worthy of one perfectly intriguing name.
Secret Beach (aka Kauapea Beach), Kauai

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It takes 15 minutes to hike down to Kauai's Secret Beach, but trust us -- it's totally worth it.
Secret Beach at Ko Olina, Oahu
This resort-lined coast in west Oahu is perfect for travelers who want beachside luxury. Bonus: Ko Olina (and the entire westside of the island) has some of the most perfect sunsets bar none.
Secret Cove (aka Paʻako Cove), Maui
This small but pretty stretch of sand is tucked between two homes in a neighborhood on Maui's southern shore. If you catch it when there isn't a beach wedding in-progress, consider yourself lucky.
Secret Beach on Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Oahu

This place is paradise 😍🌊☀️

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To get to this elusive beach, you'll have to be accompanied by someone in the military since it is located on the Marine Corps Base Hawaii. According to local residents, you'll need to drive through the MCBH airfield to get there.
Secret Island Beach at Kualoa Beach Park, Oahu

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Secret Island is one of Oahu's rare private beaches on the east side of the island. The only way to visit is to book a tour directly through Kualoa Ranch.
Secret Beach (aka Paʻia Beach), Maui
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This secluded stretch of beach, nestled between Paʻia Bay and Baldwin Beach Park, is only accessible with a four-wheel drive vehicle and is clothing-optional, according to Maui Guide Book.
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