12 Reasons To Fall In Love With Hawaii's Surf Scene

Ah, the Hawaiian islands -- home of swaying palm trees, clear waters and... a mechanical wave park with manmade beaches?

Apparently all the naturally beautiful surf in Hawaii wasn't good enough since the Aloha State is welcoming The Endless Summer Resort, a 400-unit resort and water park.

We're not quite sure how we feel about it, but since we have a few years before the resort is expected to open (it's scheduled for summer of 2017), we thought we'd turn our attention to Hawaii's pre-existing beauty and fall in love with surfing all over again.

Below, 12 gorgeous, Mother Nature-approved surf spots. Whether you're a lifelong surfer or a happy spectator, we have a feeling nothing can compare to the real thing.

1. Waikiki, South Shore of Oahu
In one of the busiest beach towns in the country, Waikiki is visually amazing: a city skyline, crystal clear waters, tourist-watching, and, of course, iconic Diamond Head:
waikiki surf

waikiki surf

2. Peahi (a.k.a., Jaws), North Shore of Maui
Mother Nature isn't playing around here: Jaws got its nickname for being as unpredictable as a shark attack:

peahi maui

3. Sunset Beach, North Shore of Oahu
In the summer, it's a calm and cradling swimming hole sprinkled with a few playful waves. In the winter, it turns into magnificent rows of terrifying perfection:
sunset beach

sunset beach1

4. Diamond Head, South Shore of Oahu
Just a short drive from the hustle of Waikiki, Diamond Head is a little hard to paddle out to, but the view is so worth it:
diamond head sunrise

5. Pipeline, North Shore of Oahu
At the world's most photographed wave, you'll have to earn your spot in the lineup. Thankfully, watching from the shore is awesome enough:
banzai pipeline

6. Hanalei Bay, North Shore of Kauai
When you're facing the shore at this Garden Isle surf spot, you'll have 180 degrees of green mountains and pure magic:
hanalei surf

hanalei bay

7. Chuns Reef, North Shore of Oahu
This is one of the more playful (read: less terrifying) waves during Oahu's famed winter season, with surf best served during the sunset hour:

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8. Sandy Beach, South Shore of Oahu
When the suns out, the sand is warm, and the swell is just right, you get waves fit for a president (literally):
hawaii obama

9. Pounders Beach, East Side of Oahu
The unforgiving shore break gave Pounders its name, but when you're looking out over tropical perfection, the pounding doesn't seem so bad:

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pounders beach

10. Laniakea Beach, North Shore of Oahu
At Laniakea -- which means "immense heavens" in Hawaiian -- tourists usually come to see the turtles. Surfers come to play with them:

11. Honolua Bay, Northwest Shore of Maui
As the saying goes, "Maui no ka oi," or Maui, it's the best. One surf sesh at Honolua Bay, and you'll get why:

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12. Waimea Bay, North Shore of Oahu
When it's winter and the waves are bone-crushingly big at this legendary surf spot, you should probably stick to sightseeing, unless your name is Kelly Slater:
waimea bay

waimea bay surf

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