Hawaii Tour Boat Captain Arrested On Suspicion Of DUI After Ditching Divers

Imagine paying roughly $100 to do a majestic nighttime manta ray dive in Hawaii only to be stranded in the dark waters when your tour boat captain inexplicably ditches the group.

Roughly 30 confused divers experienced just that when Iruka Hawaii tour boat captain Spencer Erwin abandoned the group on Wednesday night. Luckily, another tour boat was also in the area and took the bobbing snorkelers back to shore.

Erwin and his boat, The Sea Wolf, were later found drifting offshore by Pononui Lealao, captain of another tour boat. According to Lealao, Erwin was in a daze, but unhurt. Lealao towed The Sea Wolf back to Honokohau Harbor where police were waiting to arrest Erwin on suspicion of operating a vehicle under the influence. Police have since released the 30-year-old Wisconsin native pending further investigation.

Iruka Hawaii, the tour company, released a statement apologizing for the incident and stating that its tours will be suspended until it can be sure such an incident won't happen again.



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