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A Trip To Hawaii Is The Vacation America Needs Right Now

We the people need some serious R&R.

The election is right around the corner and most of America is appropriately stressed out. People are talking about moving to Canada, millennials are considering casting their votes for a giant meteor and right when it feels like things can’t get worse, they always do.

We, as a country, need a vacation ― and a trip to Hawaii is the trip we all need right now. That is, after you vote, of course.

Hawaii is the most isolated population center on the planet, so when you need to get away from it all, the Aloha State is the ultimate place. Plus, you don’t even need to leave the country.

And while you search for zen, you can spend your time staring at the extreme abundance of gorgeous islands features: rainbows, waterfalls, and palm trees that sway gently in a warm breeze.

If beautiful landscapes and yoga breathing don’t get your mind off the current state of the country, you can get your adrenaline pumping by skydiving over the islands, swimming with sharks or hiking Kauai’s stunning Kalalau Trail.

Treat yourself to a mental vacation with the gorgeous photos below ― and if you feel inspired, book a trip to the Aloha State and leave all your worries behind.

Hawaiian Monk Seal
Mint Images - Frans Lanting via Getty Images
Waterfall in Maui
Adam-Springer via Getty Images
Moonbow, Big Island
Toshi Sasaki via Getty Images
Sunrise on Haleakala Crater, Maui
Donald Landwehrle via Getty Images
Keʻe Beach, Kauai
jim kruger via Getty Images
Tunnels Beach, Kauai
M Swiet Productions via Getty Images
Waterfall in Maui
Sri Maiava Rusden via Getty Images
Bamboo Forest, Maui
Stuart Westmorland via Getty Images
Waipio Valley, Big Island
Westend61 via Getty Images
Beach on Kauai
Kicka Witte / Design Pics via Getty Images
Molokini Crater, Maui
Dahlquist Ron via Getty Images
Haena, Kauai
M Swiet Productions via Getty Images
Lanterns in Ala Moana Beach Park, Oahu
TheBigPineapple via Getty Images
Surfer at Pipeline, Oahu
Julie Thurston via Getty Images
Lava Smiling on Kilauea Volcano, Big Island
bennymarty via Getty Images
Seven Sacred Pools, Maui
Michele Falzone via Getty Images
Beach in Molokai
Ed Freeman via Getty Images
Waimea Canyon, Kauai
Don Smith via Getty Images
Kaanapali Beach, Maui
YinYang via Getty Images
Umauma Falls, Big Island
Don Smith via Getty Images
Sunset Beach, Oahu
Michele Falzone via Getty Images
Zoonar RF via Getty Images
Na Pali Coast, Kauai
Catherine Ledner via Getty Images
Good Advice
YinYang via Getty Images
Fall In Love With Hawaii's Magic