Massive Swell Hits Hawaii, Entire State Gets Stoked

On Wednesday, the biggest swell of the winter season hit Hawaii's north-facing shores, bringing waves of up to 40 feet to famed surf spots like Jaws, Pipeline, and big-wave surfing mecca, Waimea Bay.

Though the waves weren't consistently big enough to green light the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau surf competition in Waimea Bay, the swell still brought out some of the world's best surfers, including Kelly Slater.

It seems like everyone with an Instagram account or a video camera went up north to watch the daredevil surfers, so we rounded up some of our favorites. The images below will definitely get your heart racing -- and you won't even have to get your feet wet.

Peahi, AKA "Jaws," on the north shore of Maui

Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu

Waimea Bay, North Shore, Oahu



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