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14 Reasons Getting Married In Hawaii Is Totally Overrated

What a dump.

Head to any beach in Hawaii and you'll see a bride and groom posing barefoot on the sand, happy as can be.

But the truth is, weddings in Hawaii are downright unbearable -- and we've got 14 reasons to prove it.

1. All your friends will hate you after you post your tropical engagement photos.


2. And they'll have to fly thousands of miles to celebrate in paradise with you.

What a travel nightmare.

3. You have to choose between beaches, sea cliffs, and waterfalls for your wedding photos.

It's impossible. Don't even bother.

4. And don't even get us started on picking a venue for the reception.

Who wants to celebrate their union in a romantic, abandoned sugar mill?

5. Your bridal party's funky "aloha wear" could clash with the electric blue water and velvety green mountains.

Ugh, flower prints.

A photo posted by Cologne (@colognemumu) on

6. The scenery will probably outshine you on your big day.

Photobombed by Mother Nature.

7. Your heels definitely won't make it through the day.

Go ahead and say your goodbyes to that perfect pedicure.

8. And your dress will need a serious dry cleaning.

Trashing the dress has never been so easy.

9. Your centerpieces will be replaced with horrendous fruits.

At least it doubles as a snack.

Pineapples are always a good idea 🍍

A photo posted by ARIA Studios (@ariastudios) on

10. You'll never stop smelling like salty air and plumeria.

It stinks.

11. At some point, you'll be forced to take off your flower crown.

Don't worry, the devastation you're feeling is totally normal.

A photo posted by PAIKO (@paikohawaii) on

12. You might get caught in Hawaii's unpredictable rain mists.

Which just ruins photos.

13. Worst of all, you'll probably have to stick around for your honeymoon.

Can you say boring?

14. Hawaiian sunsets will ruin all other sunsets for the rest of your life.

Good luck ever being impressed again.

As you can see, Hawaii is terrible and you should never get married there. Trust us.

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