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Hawk Drops Miracle Puppy From The Sky In Los Banos, California (VIDEO)

A woman and her grandson got a gift from the sky over the weekend when a tiny puppy was dropped an estimated 30 feet by a hawk, KSEE24 News reports.

Elaine Bouschard and her grandson, Taylor Callaway, said that finding the little pup -- who they spotted shortly after his fall -- was a miracle.

"Taylor started yelling that he saw a puppy. I looked up and the hawk was just flying right here, circling around," said Bouschard, who added that "clutch marks" from the hawk's talons can still be found on the puppy's body. According to NBC News, the hawk lives on the family's property.

"My thought is that when a god drops a puppy from the sky, you keep it," she said.

Bouschard, who lives in Los Banos, Calif., said the puppy -- who she's named TJ Heavenly -- first opened its eyes this week. She has since treated him with medicine and given him plenty of food.

"He's like one of the family," Calloway told NBC News.

TJ Heavenly is the latest addition to Bouschard's eclectic mix of pet cats, dogs, horses and -- yes -- a couple of hawks.