Hawk Loose In Library Of Congress (VIDEO)

WATCH: Hawk Flies Loose In World's Biggest Library For Days

There's no talking allowed in the library, but what about... flying? A Cooper's Hawk, not so cleverly dubbed "Cooper," flew into the Main Reading Room of the Library of Congress a few days ago, and seems content to stay among the books.

Cooper may have entered the world's largest library through an open window high in the building. A patron first spotted the bird when glancing up at the 160-foot high domed ceiling. Staffers tried to coax Cooper down with an iPhone app playing the Cooper Hawk's bird call, but the bird didn't fall for it. They have now called in the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and they are debating a plan of action.

Cooper appears to be in good health, and according to the Library of Congress blog, "It's not ruffling our patrons' feathers, and they aren't bothering it either."

WATCH the hawk fly around the library:

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