Christina Aguilera Crashes Hayden Panettiere's 'Lady Marmalade' Performance On 'Lip Sync Battle'

Just two badass chicks from the Moulin Rouge, NBD.

If you were like us, the "Lady Marmalade" number at the 2001 MTV Movie Awards not only set you on the unfortunate path of being a Mýa stan for life, but also deeply defined your teenage identity.

Well, it looks like when a young Hayden Panettiere wasn't remembering the titans, she spent her time trying to be another badass chick from the Moulin Rouge.

The "Nashville" actress faces off against Eva Longoria on this week's "Lip Sync Battle." Considering the real Lady Marmalade, Christina Aguilera, appears behind showgirl feather fans halfway through Panettiere's performance, we're seriously worried for Longoria.

The only way she could top this is by reuniting all of the "Desperate Housewives" (even Terri Hatcher) for a group rendition of Destiny's Child "Independent Woman Part 1."

Your move, Longoria.

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