'Christopher Robin' Star Hayley Atwell Pretends Someone Is Stuck In Her Cheek

Ewan McGregor, her co-star in the movie, is very impressed.

Actress Hayley Atwell is a woman of many talents. Whether ventriloquism is one of them is a matter of opinion.

While promoting her film “Christopher Robin” with co-star Ewan McGregor, Atwell revealed that she is able to throw her voice in strange ways ― something she managed to keep from McGregor during their entire shoot.

But she showed off her bizarre ability to Fandango.com by puffing out her cheek and making a character ― that may be Winnie the Pooh ― appear to be stuck in her mouth.

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get out,” the strange voice seems to say.

To McGregor’s astonishment, Atwell made it sound like a dog was barking inside her mouth.

Atwell doesn’t do any ventriloquism in “Christopher Robin,” but perhaps some savvy screenwriter will write it into her next part.

See the complete video at Fandango.com.




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