Partying Oklahoma Woman Allegedly Leaves Child In Car On Mother's Day

Hayley Dawn Hampton probably won't forget this past Mother's Day, thanks to an arrest for suspected child neglect.

Hampton, 28, was allegedly left her 4-year-old child in the back seat of a gray Nissan Xterra on Monday while she was having drinks at a sports bar in Oklahoma City, reports.

Police were called to Lumpy's Sports Bar after a bartender saw the child sitting alone in a car in the parking lot.

When they approached Hampton, she said she was at the bar to pick up her boyfriend, but stayed when friends asked her to celebrate Mother's Day with a drink, according to

Hampton said her boyfriend offered to stay outside to watch the child. A bartender said Hampton didn't notice when her boyfriend came back into the bar 15 minutes later.

The bartender told authorities that Hampton drank a beer and a shot and was in the bar for an hour before police arrived, reports.

Hampton was taken to the Oklahoma County Jail and her child was released to a family member.

The boyfriend was not arrested, according to the station.



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