Fearless 9-Year-Old Uses Skills She Learned At School To Help Dad Escape Burning Building

Forget "stop, drop and roll," this brave 9-year-old took fire safety knowledge to the next level.

Galaxy Kong, 9, used what she had learned in school in a terrifying situation, according to CBS San Francisco. Last Thursday morning, Galaxy awoke to find her home filled with smoke. She quickly took action, waking up her father and putting a towel against the door jamb to prevent smoke getting in while they escaped out the window.

The fifth grader led her father by the hand and directed him during their exit from the burning two-story building.

"She paid attention when we do fire safety training at school," Don Nichelson, Hayward fire captain, told CBS. Galaxy also said she had taken some fire safety tips from movies and books.

The fire was under control in around 20 minutes after the call came in at 7 a.m., and while six residents have been displaced, no one was injured in the blaze, NBC reported.



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