HBO Fetes Golden Globes Winners

The HBO party after the Golden Globes was a hot enough ticket that invited guests waited on line for over an hour to get in--if they were lucky. Every year, the cable behemoth that traditionally cleans up at the ceremony hosts the decidedly coolest after party, poolside at the Beverly Hills Hilton. That popularity got a little dicey due to the bummer weather. The fire marshals wouldn't permit the pool area to be tented, so the guests had to cram into half the allotted party space, leaving pretty fire pits and festive orange and gold swathed tables unattended and drenched. (It hasn't rained on the party since the "Sex and the City" days, when HBO's PR team scrambled to buy every umbrella at the now defunct department store across the street to accommodate guests).
Of course, the network's freshly anointed winners--Drew Barrymore, Chloe Sevigny and Kevin Bacon--swanned right in, clutching shiny statues and trailed by grinning execs. Other stars from HBO's top shows included Jeremy Piven, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Ginnifer Goodwin, Amanda Seyfried and Jean Tripplehorn. They were joined by "Mad Men" stars Jon Hamm and January Jones, director George Lucas, host Ricky Gervais and movie stars Kate Bosworth and Malin Ackerman, who slipped out of her pinching Jimmy Choos, but partied on, barefoot beneath her white shimmery Max Azria dress. (Actress Alfre Woodard wisely wore sensible sandals: "I never wear anything but flats at these events," she said).
Emmanuelle Chriqui, who plays Eric's sometimes girlfriend, Sloan, on "Entourage," was keeping it real, wearing dangly gold earrings she bought on the street in New York City. She addressed the meta moment of playing a character who organizes high-end Hollywood events and working the red carpet that night. "Sloan's probably done it and is over it," said Chriqui, whose character is born and bred L.A. "She'd be like, 'you know what honey, go ahead.' If her boyfriend were nominated, she'd go, but otherwise, she'd be like, 'let's open a bottle of wine and get in our cozies.'" Chriqui, who's from Canada, was still thrilled by the spectacle that is awards season. "We're living the dream, you know what I mean?" She smiled. "It would become really unfortunate if it became boring."
Rex Lee, who plays Ari's beleaguered assistant, Lloyd, on "Entourage," felt lucky to make it past the velvet ropes, alongside his real and fictional bosses. "My character wouldn't be able to get in," Lee said. "He understands his place in the world. He'd be at home watching, or he'd be outside in the car if Ari asked him to be."
Around midnight, Piven, who was nominated again for playing Ari, left the HBO party, probably heading to his agency, CAA's ultra exclusive after after party at the Sunset Tower Hotel. Lee (repped by AKA Talent Agency) was likely not on that list.