HBO Executives On The Futures Of 'Game Of Thrones,' 'True Blood,' 'The Newsroom' And More At TCA

Calm down, "Game of Thrones" fans: Your show isn't going anywhere.

There has been speculation -- even from the show's creative team -- about whether the show would have to end when they ran out of published George R.R. Martin novels. (Martin is currently working on the sixth of seven projected "Song of Ice and Fire" books.) But HBO president Michael Lombardo said the show "can go on as long as there are stories to tell."

"We haven't gotten anywhere near that conversation with [executive producers] David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss]," Lombardo added.

The end is not necessarily in sight for "True Blood," either. Lombardo said he thought that new showrunner Brian Buckner had injected "new energy" into the show, so there's every chance the show will be renewed for another season in addition to the seventh season that was recently ordered.

"The odds are excellent" for a "Newsroom" renewal as well, Lombardo added. The only things holding that up, Lombardo and HBO CEO Richard Plepler said, are a few scheduling matters that they are working out with creator Aaron Sorkin. But they hope to announce something on that front "soon." "We're very happy with the show," Lombardo noted.

Speaking of shows that are ending, "Treme's" final five episodes will begin airing on December 1 and though "Eastbound and Down's" fourth and final season is approaching, the executives said star Danny McBride and creator Jody Hill are developing a high-school half-hour comedy for the network.

"Luck," which was canceled in the middle of its first season, taught HBO executives that they don't want to commission shows that involve a large number of animals. When asked if they'd make a show like "Luck" again, Lombardo said, "No! No, no, no ... There was way too much downside for us."

"Luck" creator David Milch is still working with HBO, however: He's developing a drama about a "dynastic New York media family."

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