Which HBO Girls Character Are You?

Girls on HBO is either the hottest highly anticipated show on TV with genius writing that ironically and realistically captures a certain 20-something experience in New York City today and is the brainchild of the triple-threat (writer, director, actor) Lena Dunham; or it is a lark for a homogeneous set, reflecting a narrow subsection of the world with unlikable characters played by daughters of privilege. Or maybe it's both.

Either way, it's fun and entertaining and often compared to the other New York City show about four women (the one on Shoshanna's wall poster). How many hours of amusement and Psych 101 were provided by the game "Which SATC Character Are You?" Shoshanna even referred to the favorite SATC pastime "Are you more Carrie or Samantha?" in Girls Episode 1.

Are the Girls characters developed or nuanced enough to play this game yet? Who cares? It is fun, just like Girls.

1- At a party with friends, you would?
a- Insult someone
b- Stalk a guy
c- Talk to someone you know
d- Stand in the corner until someone talked to you

2- You lost your virginity to?
a- A European exchange student
b- An awkward situation
c- A long-term boyfriend
d- You haven't yet

3- If a friend was in trouble, you would?
a- Leave her with another friend. You can't be trusted with important issues
b- Show up but then focus on your own problems
c- Focus on practical things like rent or abortion logistics
d- Show up with candy

4- Woman you look up to?
a- Mae West
b- Dorothy Parker
c- Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
d- Authors of The Rules and He's Just Not That Into You (and yes, you do know that one of those authors is a man)

5- Your ideal career would be?
a- What career? Ideal lifestyle would be Bohemian trustafarian
b- An award-winning memoirist like Joan Didion
c- A gallery owner
d- I don't know, but I will discuss it with my parents.

6- You like your men?
a- Not to get so attached
b- Unavailable in some way
c- Not whipped
d- Willing to have sex

7- Your vices include?
a- Smoking. And sex in bathrooms
b- Self-sabotage
c- Facebook stalking
d- Smoking crack

8- You'd never date someone who?
a- Actually you'd try pretty much anything once
b- Is emotionally available
c- Is a "bad boy"
d- Please God, make it happen already. You'd date just about anyone.

9- Reality show you'd be on?
a- Would never be on Reality TV. Ever. Especially not the one about New Jersey
b- Dirty Jobs
c- Real Housewives
d- The Bachelor

10- Friends come to you for advice on?
a- Travel
b- Books
c- Relationships
d- Outfits

Mostly As- Congrats, you're a Jessa, strong-willed and adventurous with a mind and mouth of your own. You make your own rules and don't want the constraints and responsibility of anyone's else's ideas. Youre unsmoteable.

Mostly Bs - Congrats, you're a Hannah. You may have a seemingly opposed mix of insecurity and confidence. You want to experience life and make a mark. You take your future seriously. It's all for the story. You're searching for your place and focusing on yourself. But that's OK, keep becoming who you are!

Mostly Cs- Congrats, you're a Marnie. You're probably really attractive. Which is great because attractive people do better in life. You crave excitement and release but you're afraid of it. Your life probably seems pretty in control to the casual observer, but might be a mess if you scratch below the surface.

Mostly Ds- Congrats, you're a Shoshanna. Your day is coming. Just wait and see. And keep kicking ass.

You got a healthy mix of letters?
Congrats, you're multi-faceted, just like most of us! Go write your memoirs. Travel. Kick-ass. Break up with someone for smothering you. Make a dream-board. Or do something, just for the story. But know that you're an important part of our community.

Did your answer fit you? If not, that's OK. If the characters keep developing (Hello, my name is Adam and I'm an alcoholic?!. Now I'm your boyfriend. Now I'm plastering "Sorry" signs all over the streets of Brooklyn) and the writing stays great, this could all be different in a few weeks. Stay tuned. Only the New Crack Spirit Guide can guide us.