HBO Series 'Looking' Begins Filming In San Francisco (VIDEO)

WATCH: Get An On-Set Look At HBO's New Gay Series

Local San Francisco news station KTVU aired a short behind-the-scenes segment on the highly anticipated new HBO series, "Looking," which follows gay friends trying to find love in the "City by the Bay."

The pilot will be directed by Andrew Haigh ("Weekend") and the series will star out actors Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey, among others.

The clip, above, was shot at San Francisco's famous Union Square. When asked about a television series set in San Francisco depicting the lives of modern day gay men, an onlooker responded, "I think it's past it's time. Someone should've done it a few year ago, even."

Even though San Francisco is heavily intertwined with gay history, the lives of gay men in the city are rarely explored on film or television aside from the occasional projects like "Tales of the City," "Milk," or this year's film festival hit, "Test."

Keep an eye out for "Looking" when it debuts on HBO early next year.

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