Viral Video War: Did HBO Rip-Off BriTANick For Their 'HBO Go' Campaign? (VIDEO)

Sketch group BriTANick created a viral video hit with their short "Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer." It was nominated for Viral Video of the Year at the first annual Comedy Awards and it was featured on pretty much every comedy site that embeds funny videos, including this one.

And now, it has achieved, perhaps, its highest honor: it's been completely ripped off. At least, it sure looks like that's what happened.

HBO has launched their new app, HBO Go, which looks pretty cool. Unfortunately, their promoting the release with a viral video that looks eerily familiar. Take a look at BriTANick's original video below and then watch HBO's promo after that. See anything suspicious?

BriTANick's "Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer"
HBO's Go 'Hospital' Spot