He Came, He Saw, He Conquered!

The corporate media built up the expectations for Barack Obama's speech tonight to a point at which the mainstream pundits were sharpening their scalping knives to proclaim that he didn't meet those expectations. But once again the media blowhards underestimated Barack Obama's talent, his oratorical skills, and his heart.

What impresses me the most about Barack Obama is his grasp of the engine of history. He knows that FDR's New Deal was not passed from on high but was an expression of years of arduous organizing by ordinary workers, struggling to form successful industrial unions for the first time in this country. He knows that the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts were not the product of Lyndon Johnson's signature but the result of countless struggles and organizing on the part of ordinary African-American citizens and their allies among the white majority.

Tonight, Barack Obama encapsulated, embodied, and articulated the mood of millions of Americans who clearly see that the last eight years have been a betrayal of America. And the hope he offers promises to restore what this country is supposed to stand for. He seeks to end the divide-and-conquer politics of the Republican Right and begin to heal our nation.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have given us only fear and misery while they have tried to bully and intimidate the world. Never in our history have we experienced such a lethal combination of arrogance and incompetence in a single administration.

Barack Obama is pointing the way forward out of the darkness and fear and anger and division and toward the better angels of our nature. We are so fortunate to have this extremely talented young man emerge in our politics at a time when the nation needs him most.

Now let's win in it November!

I can't wait to hear his inauguration speech.