The Five Dumbest 'Mayan Apocalypse' Ad Campaigns

This December 21 we plan to just not be online, because it is getting ridiculous already. Before we continue with this post, we just need to say the following, and say it kind of loudly: the world is not coming to an end this Friday. But that isn’t stopping brands from contaminating this message and pretty much making a mockery of ancient Mayan traditions. Because in the age of Honey Boo Boo, TMZ, La Comay, and Jersey Shore, let’s just keep dumbing down the intellect, right, all for a quick buck?

So, even though we should be CELEBRATING what could in essence be the “a next great world that is possible,” we are being inundated with stupidity. We will say it again: the Maya never predicted the end of the world this Friday, and any brand that is exploiting this for the sake of getting attention gets a major #NoMames.

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