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He Had a Nasty Reputation as a Cruel Dude

It didn't take long for the bed wetters to start Swift Boating Feingold.
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It didn't take long for the bed wetters to start Swift Boating Feingold. In the 2nd irregular (and I don't mean in the "Honey, where's the Ex-Lax?" way) edition of Right Is Wrong, we find this gem, from the un-ironically named Conservative Voice:

Is Senator Russ Feingold A Traitor?

If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, then Senator Russ Feingold, Democrat of Wisconsin, and Osama bin Laden are buddies. If the definition of a traitor is a person who tries to undermined the Commander and Chief during time of war, then Senator Russ Feingold is a traitor.

In time of war we see the best and the worse in our leaders. President George W. Bush has shown a steel backbone and the ability to make hard decisions that benefit each of us and which have saved American lives both here and abroad. I have two sons now in the Army and I thank God that their Commander and Chief is President Bush.

Wait, it gets better:

Unfortunately, in time of war we see the small "men" coveting lofty positions they neither deserve or are qualified to have. Their words and deeds are often indistinguishable from cow dung which must be scraped off your boots after crossing over a cow pasture on a Texas ranch. As President and as a rancher President Bush has experience carving off the dung that cows produce as well as the dung their dim witted cousins produce in the Democratic Party, that is with every word they say and scrap of paper they generate.

First obvious point of correction is that "rancher President Bush" has likely never scraped anything off his boots, he has staff to do that ("Hey Stretch, polish the Tony Lamas for me, mkay?").

Second, it's his skull, not his backbone, that is made of steel.

Even Peter Beinart, warflogger extraordiaire, would disapprove of this rhetoric:

This column should not be necessary. A more decent president would not accuse his opponent of assisting terrorists and harming American troops merely because he criticizes U.S. policy. A more decent conservative movement would call such accusations anti-democratic, rather than mindlessly parroting them, as National Review Online's Jed Babbin did this week. But the president is who he is. And so are his supporters. And so, in response to John Kerry's increased criticism of U.S. policy in Iraq, Bush and his surrogates have essentially accused Democrats of helping insurgents kill American troops.

And while we're on the topic, here's former Congresscreep Bill McCollum (R-Katherine Harris) in '98 re: stature of Commander-In-Chief guys:

The president is the chief executive officer of the nation, the chief law enforcement officer of the nation, and our military's commander in chief. If we tolerate such serious crimes as perjury and obstruction of justice by the president of the United States and fail to impeach him, there will be grave, damaging consequences for our system of government.

Back to the issue at hand, the writer, Joseph Gutheinz, Jr., sure has a way with words. Here he disapproves, ungramatically, of the Nobel Committee:

Harold Pinter is what the Swedish Academy calls a playwright, which they did when they awarded him the Nobel Prize for literature. In reality he a vile clump of dung who attacks America to draw attention from the decline of his art, that is, if the garbage he writes qualifies as art outside of the deviant capital of the Socialist world, Stockholm.

And in a politely toned essay of implicit support for Tom DeLay, we learn that:

If you venture to Austin Texas, which is situated in Travis Texas you might encounter a white haired prune face Democrat named Ronnie Earle. Ronnie Earle was an ugly child who grew up to be an even uglier man. The old saying ugly on the outside beauty on the inside doesn't apply to Mr. Earle, as he is ugly inside and out. However, as a Democrat, a member of a party which values all that is unholy and ugly in America, this ugly little man has standing.

And then we find him complaining that Senators who threw softballs at Supreme-to-be Roberts are (gasp!) just like the N-word guys. You know, that word that causes wingers to tsk-tsk and tut-tut, and even complain that's just so unfair!

Watching John Roberts get grilled by Democratic senators in his confirmation hearing gives me a real glimpse into history.

In Nazi Germany the Holocaust was perpetrated often with the active assistance of that country's judges and prosecutors. When Hitler came to power many judges and prosecutors opposed Hitler and his campaign of death; yet by opposing him they risked death themselves, so they either agreed to participate in the death industry that Hitler generated or they abandoned the legal profession.

The first salvo against the legal profession in Germany came in 1933 when Jews were barred from serving as judges. Yet the German legal community acquiesced. By 1940 Germany began a campaign of forced sterilization programs and the judges not only acquiesced but actively took part in ordering these sterilization. Finally in 1942 Hitler ordered the mass slaughter of the disabled , Jews, Gypsies and others and the Judges not only failed to prevent these atrocities from happening, but on many occasions their court orders helped facilitate this campaign of death.

The modern day equivalent to the Holocaust is abortion on demand; and America's modern day Nazi's are found within the Democratic Party, with their leaders proudly now on display in the Roberts confirmation hearings. Like their German counterparts they are hungry for human sacrifices and demand that the judiciary offer up unborn human beings for slaughter. The Nazi's of Germany and the Nazi's within the Democratic Party believe that there are unwanted people and they have no tolerance for those who do not subscribe to their prejudices. If Roberts survives this ordeal with his principles intact perhaps it is the beginning of a better day in America.

Yep, he calls them Nazis.

So many points of sad irony here, but I'll just pick two.

Here's a re-write of the 2nd paragraph:

When GWBush came to power many judges and prosecutors opposed GWBush and his campaign of death; yet by opposing him they risked death themselves, so they either agreed to participate in the death industry that GWBush generated or they abandoned the legal profession.

Yeah, I know, a little bit of a stretch. But wait, there's more.


"...a Democrat, a member of a party which values all that is unholy and ugly in America"


"they have no tolerance for those who do not subscribe to their prejudices"

Sometimes it's just handed to you. This is the voice of winger America.

Gawd a'mighty, what do we do?

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