He Kept Us Safe? A Primer for '!' (The Politician Formerly Known as Jeb Bush)

Washington, UNITED STATES:  US President George W. Bush (L) looks on as his brother Florida Governor Jeb Bush speaks 19 April
Washington, UNITED STATES: US President George W. Bush (L) looks on as his brother Florida Governor Jeb Bush speaks 19 April, 2006. Governor Bush was among several governors who met with the president after an Easter trip to Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. AFP PHOTO/Jim WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Dear !:

You were supposed to be "the smart one." So, before you get yourself deeper in dog doo-doo (as your daddy would call it), let me try to help by providing some key information.

Bottom line: "he kept us safe" doesn't pass the smell test. I suggest you sing a different (swan?) song.

1. Your brother, "W", received daily warnings over the summer of 2001.

The August 6 president's daily brief ('PDB") was written because he did not seem to get what the intelligence agencies had been conveying all summer, that a terrorist attack was imminent. He did not lift a finger, preferring to remain on vacation rather than respond to Richard Clarke's desperate calls for a meeting of "Principals" in national security.

Journalist Tom Friedman, who had no access to classified information, predicted a 9/11-type event on June 26, 2001, in a New York Times article titled, "A Memo From Osama"." I suggest you read it before spouting nonsense.

Yet, your brother, Dick Cheney and Condolezza Rice simply ignored all the warnings. They did not lift a finger to try to find out what was happening and to stop it. W was, after all, on vacation, with the secret service placing brush so that he could be seen clearing it.

Your brother, George W Bush, failed this country in his first and most solemn duty, to do everything possible to keep the nation safe and secure.

Worse, he did not even try. Even worse, 9/11 was not his only failure to keep us safe.

2. After 9/11, Osama bin Laden was surrounded at Tora Bora.

Your brother refused to send 400 Army Rangers to tie the noose, and he got away. Then your brother said he did not know or care where Osama bin Laden was. Is that "keeping us safe?"

3. Without securing Afghanistan, your brother moved most of our intelligence assets to Iraq, and then lied us into invading Iraq.

Is that "keeping us safe after 9/11?"

4. George W Bush, your brother, appointed Michael Brown, an Arabian Horse Show Organizer, to be head of FEMA.

This was despite 9/11 and the tragic deaths of first responders. Appointing an inexperienced incompetent to run emergency management, where lives are at stake, is gross negligence and reckless endangerment. It is not "keeping us safe."

Your brother remained at a party rather than ensure that everything possible was in place to help residents of New Orleans survive Hurricane Katrina, whose power and likely path of destruction were known in advance.

As people were dying and suffering, according to George W Bush, "Brownie was doing a heckuva job."

Do you think your brother "kept us safe" from the devastation of Katrina?

5. Your brother refused to speak to North Korea as it threatened to develop a nuclear bomb.

He said that they had to behave properly before he would speak to them as if having one-on-one conversations with the U.S. was some kind of "reward."

President Clinton had negotiated a deal with North Korea that included locking away their plutonium and placing inspectors to ensure compliance. Our Republican Congress did not keep our side of the bargain to provide breeder reactors for energy.

North Korea broke the agreement, but, through former Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, strongly signaled they wanted to talk. Your brother said no.

North Korea, probably the worst regime on earth, now reportedly has nuclear bombs.

Did your brother, George W Bush, keep us safe by preventing a nuclear North Korea?

I strongly advise, therefore, that "he kept us safe" is not a productive refrain for you to spout. Indeed, it is one of the reasons your momma did not want you to run -- it forces people to remember her favorite son's disastrous failures.

!, you need another tune.