He-Man and Voltron Screenwriter Speaks Out on Hollywood Machine

There are countless Hollywood stories of the sob and success variety, but very few about the writers behind our favorite films. After the success of films buried in childhood nostalgia, an arms race of toy-based films was set off a few years ago and many of those scripts were attached to an unknown and unheralded writer, Justin Marks. And he's received plenty of sobs and success since.

It was Marks who was set to write films based on He-Man, Voltron, Street Fighter and Green Arrow -- a Comic Con explosion of fan-boy projects if there ever was one -- but half a decade later only the universally-panned Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li has been released. That Marks claims the studio added both a voice-over and the infamous "This guy walks through raindrops" line may be moot, but what the captivating screenwriter has to say about the experience definitely isn't.

Marks talked to GetInMedia.com about all the ups and downs for the first time, also sharing some great advice to would-be screenwriters and his vision of Eternia:

The script was good enough to land Marks a meeting with toymakers Mattel and the Warner Bros. studio to pitch his vision of He-Man, a mythic yet human interpretation that saw bony Skeletor as a sympathetic villain, "a flawed and ambitious man who wanted nothing less than the whole world." In the economically worded, broadly visual script, He-Man doesn't become He-Man until nearly the very end.