He Wasn't My Choice, But He Is My President.

November 9 the world woke up more divided than I have ever seen in my lifetime. The polarizing extremes of the reactions were like a glimpse into our inner psyches that even 10 years ago I don’t think we felt freedom to voice. But, here we are more than two months since Donald Trump became president elect and in this inaugural week we are as split as ever. The chants of not my president and never Trump still ring loudly. The looks exchanged between parties make it seem like we have never coexisted.

Yet, here we are. We are divisive and ugly. Our inner prejudices now live on the outside. We are stuck in a 24 hour constant news cycle of fear. We have driven out our ability to hope. Our battle cries for change sound more like the wailing lament of a nation of victims, rather than the land of the free.

Thousands of women are headed to Washington this week to protest and there is a big part of me that gets it. I didn’t vote for this narcissist. I haven’t agreed with his plans and have questioned the motivation behind the cabinet he is building. I have earnestly looked at this man who has spent the majority of his life on a literal gold throne and wondered how can he be the voice of a nation. Our nation.

Never Trump is no longer an option. So, we are left with a decision. We can root for him or we can root against him. Rooting for someone is not an abandonment of your belief system. We need to invest in each other and try to move past party lines and see people. This isn’t the time to give up for 4 years. These may be the most critical 4 years we have, because these are OUR years and OUR nation. Whether, we come together or split further apart we are headed into the Trump era whether we like it or not. So, we have to make a choice on how we move on. How do we move forward in a time that seems more divided and anxious than ever before.

I am on my knees praying that there is compassion and wisdom in this man that we yet to see. I am hopeful that beyond the facade of what seems like a caricature is a someone with character and integrity. I earnestly hope that the man who was elected has a break in his ego and is allows himself to observe and understand what poverty is and what it is like to be a woman and the challenges of being a minority.

President Elect Trump, I don’t understand you. I didn’t vote for you. I don’t stand with many of your words and actions. I won’t be silent but when I disagree but I won’t spew. For every step back we have taken, I will look for ways to move forward. I will root for you, because this is a country worth rooting for. I will give you the respect that the office deserves and pray that you understand and abide by the code of which it deserves. You were not my choice, but you are my president.