Headhunter, Stephen Viscusi say's "And ... the Winner is Gayle King," to replace Diane Sawyer. Robin Roberts moves to"ABC's "20/20", while Cuomo, who is not a homo ... takes the male helm!

Headhunter, Stephen Viscusi say's "And ... the Winner is Gayle King," to replace Diane Sawyer. Robin Roberts moves to"ABC's "20/20", while Cuomo, who is not a homo ... takes the male helm!
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By Stephen Viscusi

I am a headhunter ... and the author of the global HarperCollins bestseller "Bulletproof Your Job" ... some people call me the "medium" headhunter ...and others the headhunter comedian. I host the upcoming series the "headhunter from hell". A Suzie Orman knock-off show--but relevant...how to stay sane while unemployed! (www.bulletproofyourresume.com).
I am writing a fiction essay here, on my choice to replace Diane Sawyer. In an earlier column, I gave my TOP TEN, choices. Gayle King -- wasn't on my first list. It always happens that way. (http://www.oprah.com/oradiohost/gking) Gayle is a radio show host---and a terrific charismatic TV personality. Better yet, she draws an audience, and gets "news" after all these morning news shows; she would be great with Cuomo.
First let me say... I love Robin Roberts. Robin is the soul of the ABC's GMA to me, but ABC ...it' s a Mommy audience...not a "tommy" (tomboy) audience.. According to former NBC-PR Hack--and now "Good Morning America "workplace contributor) -yes from PR at NBC--to Workplacer at ABC...lol.... Tory Johnson who is a "workplace expert" Tory gossiped on her blog (www.womonaforhire.com) and website--that Suze Orman was in the lead to replace Diane Sawyer (was Tory trying to pick her own new boss or her revenge on her former employer NBC, where she was a PR hack?) Johnson was all juiced up that she is now BFF's (yes like your 12 year old daughter she wrote BFF)--with Orman, and Orman gal pal lover--and Orman works for ABC competitor----MSNBC no less. Was Johnson trying to get back at her former employee MSNBC--or kiss up...no pun intended to potential new boss--Suze Orman?
As far as Robin Roberts--ABC Disney has a habit of retiring their best talent that faces a challenge to people like Sawyer to retiring them to a show called "20/20" (like in 20 / 20 hindsight!). Think: "Elizabeth Vargas" ...even "Barbara Walters" was relegated to 20/20 after Harry Reasoner tortured her. 20/20 is like Disney/ABC purgatory. 20 / 20--is like putting you r dog or cat to sleep at ABC---and well Robin--that 's where they will send you or Cuomo. Rumor has it; Sawyer is the one who suggested Robin Roberts partner with Vargas at 20/20. (I guess there is no glass ceiling at ABC news!) Going to "20/20- at ABC--is like putting your dog or cat "down"--or "to sleep" as we tell our kid's, and Sawyer has put a lot of people "down" at ABC. I almost think that is why they keep the show alive. Don't sue us; we will put you on 20/20. I guarantee you...if Robin Roberts is not sent to 20/20 purgatory then Cuomo will be--and let's face it--that's where they keep NBC's AL Roker's second wife, Deborah Roberts!
OK--so why radio show host, and frequent OPRAH contributor Gayle --- Here is the thing; I love "Mad Men"...so does Gayle. Gayle is a TV talent on her own. She is"real people. "I believe she is Oprah's MUSE-- and Gayle if you are not Oprah's--you for sure are mine, Gayle knows" pop-culture." Gayle is PERFECT. I get the impression she has no need to get up at 3 in the morning to put on makeup and read her notes, this woman is a TV pro, and she would explode ABC's ratings. ABC's GMA -is a perfect vehicle for her, better than a talk show, because Gayle gets to weigh in on the NEWS of the day, not just the sensation stories the talk shows cover.
Gayle, move to New York City. I will help you find an apartment. You will love the Hamptons in the summer. Contribute on my new talk show "Headhunter From Hell."

So--tell me what you think? I bet Gail get an interview with rouge Sarah Palin even before Oprah. (Wouldn't you love to hear them fighting over who gets to interview first--I say "odds or evens!"
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