Headline Hangover: America's Got Problems

Welcome to Headline Hangover - our weekly take on some of the ridiculous local, national and global news stories.

Here's a look back some of the headlines that caught my attention for the week of April 3, 2016:


Ted Cruz won the Wisconsin Primary over Donald Trump on Tuesday.

The loss comes despite Trump's best attempt to appeal to the state's residents...

(images via afflictor.com and douglasschneider.com)



The Walking Dead season finale ended with a dramatic cliffhanger that angered fans, and will leave many of them heartbroken when the answer is revealed in the fall.

We typically call this kind of pain "the presidential election."

(images via fangoria.com and nationalreview.com)

Wouldn't mind Negan storming Trump Tower right about now...


(images via untappd.com and techonaut.com)

This Thursday was National Beer Day and also World Health Day.

And, really, what's more American than making terrible decisions while the rest of the planet looks at us funny.

I'll cheers to that.


(images via visitmississippi.com)

Mississippi state officials are concerned that the controversial religious freedom bill that Governor Phil Bryant signed this week will negatively impact tourism to the state.

In an effort to combat this, yet still showcase their culture and hospitality, they have renamed the state to "Alabama 2."

Visit Alabama 2! We still hate everyone, but we're easier to spell!


(image via cnn.com)

The U.S. Coast Guard displayed more than 14 tons of cocaine, worth in excess of $400 million, at the San Diego pier in a photo they released on Thursday.

The above imagery was distributed to the media after their initial submission was rejected:
(gif via reddit.com)

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