Headline Hangover: Devious Ben; Russia's War Dolphins

Welcome to Headline Hangover - our weekly take on some of the ridiculous local, national and global news stories.

Here's a look back some of the headlines that caught my attention for the week of March 6, 2016:

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Ben Carson announced his support of Republican presidential nomination front-runner Donald Trump today.

Because if there's one thing that'll scare off Trump supporters from voting for him, it's an endorsement from a black man.

Well played, Ben Carson.

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Erin Andrews was awarded $55 million from her lawsuit against a Marriott hotel and a man who took and posted nude imagery of her.

Upon hearing the news, Kim Kardashian immediately filed suit against Kim Kardashian.

She's only looking for $53 million though.

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The inventor of email passed away this past weekend. Doctors said the cause of death was due to bad luck after not forwarding a chain to 10 people.

Maybe it was in his spam folder.

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Eli Manning did not attend brother Peyton's retirement press conference on Monday, reportedly due to the flu, and not as was speculated, that Delta intercepted his luggage when he tossed it to a United employee.

World News
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Russia is attempting to recruit five bottlenose dolphins to be used as part of their military.

No word yet on Putin's plans to attach fricken laser beams to their heads.

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