The Beauty Industry’s E-Commerce Revolution

Say “SEE YA!” to the days of dipping your fingers in beauty store samples. As retail brands continue to roll out bots on Facebook Messenger to offer customers a high-impact mobile experience that streamlines the shopping experience and customer journey, there is tremendous potential to revolutionize the online customer journey in beauty.

Successful approaches to e-commerce and online sales for beauty products have been particularly difficult to develop due to the high level of personalization that people require when selecting and purchasing beauty. But Messenger bots are transforming beauty industry norms. Beauty giant Sephora’s Messenger bots enable customers to easily schedule appointments at their nearest store, and utilize color matching technology to allow users to find shades they love.

At Headliner, we believe bots represent the future of online beauty sales, and we created the Headliner Beauty Bot to present a completely new paradigm for accomplishing the elusive goal of allowing women to find and buy great makeup on their phones. Created in partnership with beauty experts and makeup artists, Headliner Beauty Bot uses artificial intelligence, recommendation algorithms and customer data to become a user’s personal beauty stylist, pulling product suggestions with the highest likelihood of meeting each individual’s beauty wants, needs and budget.

Users begin by filling out a beauty profile designed as a fun, engaging and interactive quiz. After building a beauty profile, the Headliner Beauty Bot is able to respond with a variety of product suggestions for your eyes, face, and lips. Each product suggestion is presented through a brief video tutorial created by a professional makeup artist. The videos demonstrate product application and give the user the ability to see a product’s TRUE color when applied to a real person. This is a major advancement beyond existing online makeup stores--65% of women report that they tend not to shop for beauty online because of difficulty with color selection. Headliner Beauty Bot is able to bridge this gap, providing an accurate and visual shopping experience that is just as effective as a physical store.

Best of all, you can buy products without ever leaving Messenger. Yes, that means Headliner curates looks across brand and you can shop products from multiple makeup sites. Before you know it, your brand new supply of makeup is waiting at your doorstep. It’s time to bid adieu to traditional online makeup sites - the future of beauty e-commerce is here.

Check out the Headliner Beauty bot by typing “Headliner Beauty” into your Facebook Messenger app.

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