Man's Mind Is Totally Blown When He Wears VR Headset For The First Time

Anthony Millward really gets into the virtual reality experience.

Virtual reality can melt your mind -- just ask British father Anthony Millward.

He understands that what he's seeing on a Samsung Gear VR headset isn't real, but in hilarious video posted online, he can't avoid acting like it is.

And he also can't stop cursing, as you'll hear in the footage below.

Millward's son, Fraser, recently recorded his father as he experienced multiple virtual reality scenarios. "Sorry for the language," Fraser wrote on Vimeo.

The footage is now going viral, and it's easy to see why: Millward has quite the on-camera journey.

Here he is adopting the perfect surfing stance after dropping into a virtual wave:

And here, he greets people who aren't really there:

He also seriously freaks out when he starts riding a bike, and has to sit down:

We can't wait to see Millward riding a VR rollercoaster, like this grandma did in December.