Healers Become Whole

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LivinGrati met last week with Cindy Sellers to learn about their goals.

Beezhan Tulu:

What is your main goal at Angel Farms:

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Healers Become Whole


Cindy Sellers:

Angel Farm's’ goal is to help healers become whole. We are a healers’ ​Cleanse. ​ We mostly attract physical, spiritual, and mental ​healers that have been doing their job for many years but still have some pieces missing. Angel Farms' ability to get all the pieces together as one whole YOU is very profound.

I like to talk about woundedness in healers​ and how important it is for those of us that are looking ​for ​a way out of our pain and struggle,​ so we can indeed become the solution and not the problem.

We need to look at what healers are teaching. The ​Course in ​Miracles reminds us to teach only love and love teaches you. That is not very hard to discern either. If somebody is not teaching love, then walk away, and that is ok. They may teach you that you have to watch out, protect yourself and put your big bubble up and not go outside if you don’t have your guards up. This is not something you want to teach your children. And it's certainly not something that you want the world to get out and say “wow that is so unsafe.” Because they are still creating this FEAR (meaning Fantasied Emotions Appearing Real). And If we are trying to understand the awakening of the planet, we need to stop doing that​!​

We are coming from love. Love is our language; love is our heart, Love is our religion. Why​ do we need anything else? It is the soothing balm of relations, it is the healer​ ​of​ ​our bodies, and it is the healer of the nation​s​. So what​ we​ have been doing for centuries is​,​ not doing that. We haven’t been loving. We are ​now ​waking​ up this love, waking​ ​up the divine in ourselves, waking up enlightened conscious, powerful love.

When you are seeking a guru or a teacher or when you are reading a book or listening to a seminar, and it feels fearful, you need to stop. You need to consider seeking​​ another teacher.

There are many of us that are turning the language of healing into the art of love. And it is an art. It is the way to walk as God in this lifetime.

I love James Twymans’ message in “Psychic Children Speak to the World”. He says: “​You have been pretending all this time that you are not God, not pretend you are till you know it is true​." And sometimes I do tell people, "fake it until you make it." You love anyway. I know that we have been taught not to trust love as little children. I understand where all that comes from. But we have to pass all of that and say “Yes they did love us and the more they tried to guide us in ways, we felt it was unloving, we misconstrued that love because the love was always there”. And if it felt like that love was far away because our parents seemed unloving, we need to understand that we’ve connected to humanness. And we want to disconnect that and connect to our God self, our love self, and our absolute self. And when we walk with that absolute, you are healers of healers. You become completely usable by S​pirit.

At Angel Farms​,​ we support physical, spiritual, mental, ​and ​emotional ​clarity​,​ so you can show up and be the one we all have been waiting for. And if not you then who and if not now then when​?​

A perfect example is that a young man in a trance dance in Hilo dropped dead in the dance floor. My questions have always been, did he know he didn’t have tomorrow? I don’t believe he did. Was he having great joy in that moment? I believe he was. Do we know if we have tomorrow? No, we don’t. But do we have this da​y​ to love? Oh Yes. Do we have this day to transform our families, partners, parents, grandparents, grandchildren and our neighbors with love? Yes, we do. Because today we have. Do we have tomorrow? We don’t know that.

So let this young man’s life and passing be a great tool for healers of the world to understand that if you are not teaching love, love is not teaching you. And the goal is, teach only love and let love be your teacher and your guide to the beauty road as you bring the many with you.

As you serve the world with ​the greatness of your love​, ​experience​,​ and knowledge​,​ we awaken the world to love.

And don’t focus on anything else. Don't focus the news, the whoever, the whatever. Don’t focus on those things that don't bring love and light in your life. Because what we focus on, we create. This is quantum physics.

To watch this interview in Youtube:

Healers Become Whole


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