Healing from a Suicide: How the Soul Moves On

Let’s be honest, contracts are usually boring legal jargon that most people don’t read, but they are necessary. Why? Because they hold us accountable to something or someone. They matter. Terms get decided, agreed upon, and our signature binds us to an agreement with someone else and ourselves. It is that agreement with ourselves that is often the easiest to break but with the most dire consequences. It is in that choice, that freedom, that we learn how much power we truly have over our own destiny. I’ve talked to many people from all walks of life, and given that my profession is a psychic medium, and based on my understanding from those who have crossed over in death, I have learned that we all sign a “soul contract” before birth. I know it may sound out there but keep in mind that I am as out there is it gets, existing in between the living and the dead. When I say we sign a soul contract; it’s more of an energetic agreement with your higher self. These soul contract terms include who our families will be, who the significant people will be, even who the not-so-significant people will be and even, yes, our pets. This group is known as the “soul group.” Within the soul contract will be established all the lessons about love that this soul group will teach each other. This means that your intention has always been for each person and experience to play a meaningful role in your life no matter how trivial they may seem. You made those choices prior to your life, while you were in your spirit form, but your soul can also choose to opt out of it’s contract via an appropriate exit point if you feel you have learned your life lessons— also established prior to your life. Because we all have free will our destiny is never set in stone. When someone takes their own life this is a form of free will and it ultimately breaks the soul contract because the lessons they were sent to learn are not completed in the physical form. This was not a predetermined exit point.

But what is an appropriate exit point? An example of an appropriate exit point might be a situation where you have been recently diagnosed with brain cancer. You have battled several surgeries and survived cancer free. Prior to your cancer you and your brother had been estranged but once diagnosed you became close again, reminiscing of old times, deepening your bond and love.

Time passes and life seems to return to a sense of normal and one day you are driving to the grocery store and you are killed in a head on collision. You had several exit points in your battle with cancer but you chose not to leave because your soul had not learned it’s final lessons. You had not made peace with your brother. But by the time of the accident you had learned what you were meant to learn with your brother. And you felt it was OK, on a soul level, to let go of your body and move on. That was an appropriate exit point. Not everyone gets closure like that but you get the idea of how this works. An exit point is just a predesignated opportunity for the soul to choose to leave its physical body and return to Spirit. These opportunities manifest in different ways ranging from illness, fatal accidents, to murder. The number can vary depending on the soul as can the reasons why. Perhaps the soul’s karmic debt is cleared or it’s spiritual lessons have been learned. Either way, the choice is not made lightly or alone. Your spiritual team of angels and Spirit guides chime in with their opinions and observations. They always watch over you and your progress, and their loving assistance is limitless. They want to help you learn and grow— remember, you chose them, and they chose you!

In my experience with channeling people who commit suicide I find that they often regret what they’ve done upon death. They immediately realize they made a mistake and are now in a state of learning. Most importantly they are at peace but they do regret the pain that their death has caused those left in life. Surrounded by other spiritual guides, angels, and ancestors, they are entering a phase of what I call “re educating of the soul.” They are reflecting back on their life. This is like a spiritual facility holding room where they review from a soul perspective not ego perspective, their life lived and how their choices got them to this place. Even though they left on their own accord, breaking the spiritual contract, they are still greeted on the other side with the same if not more spiritual support that the rest of us experience in death. These are spiritual guides that are there to help orient us into the next realm.

For those who are suffering from loss through suicide I assure you that your loved one is removed from any darkness, depression, or negativity. They are in the light. Take the time to connect with them by going within to your heart center and sharing the love that connects you two through eternity. Trust that just as much as they are growing and evolving on the other side they are still very much a part of your everyday life, providing the synchronistic events that validate their love for you.

Bill Philipps is a world-renowned psychic medium and the author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book “Expect the Unexpected: Bringing Peace, Healing, and Hope from the Other Side.” Visit him at www.billphilipps.com.

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