Most people have no idea what kind of day-to-day lives many kids in America live. It is not very difficult to understand that a kid's experiences, both positive and negative, will have a direct impact on how they live their lives, the values they have, their behavior towards others, and their behavior towards themselves. Knowing this, we need to make mental health and mentorship a priority every school.

29 % of California school districts have no counseling programs at all.

Counselor to Student Ratio in CA is 1 : 945

The right Mentors have the ability to truly transform a school, community, and country. If more mentor programs are put into place I can guarantee the following:

-Increase in class attendance

-Increase in graduation rates

-Increase in community cohesion

-Decrease in student mental health issues

-Decrease in community violence and crime

-No need for police on campus

The RISE UP FOR HUMANITY movement is one of the many groups on the ground supporting our under-served youth through effective and authentic mentorship. The video below exemplifies how we re-direct our youth on to a positive path.

Learn more about RISE UP at www.DivineForces.org