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Healing the Financial Side Effects of Cancer

Every one of us is more resourced than we know -- no exceptions.
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Something fantastic just happened through me.

This spring I'm helping make special kids' dreams come true by walking the Camino de Santiago, the ancient pilgrimage route across northern Spain. I set up a GoFundMe site, and put out the word as widely as I knew how.

The first few days, nothing happened. Part of me got discouraged. But every day, I watched the video that originally inspired me. I held on to the thought that the Universe would love to see more workshops for special kids happen, and somehow, some way would make it possible.

(Have you seen the video yet? Don't miss these adorable kids who never thought they could dance, finally feeling that freedom courtesy of the New York City Ballet. It will make your day!)

...then I got it: here was my chance to let go of doom-and-gloom thinking.

My GoFundMe needle began to move as a trickle of donations came in. I was delighted, and happily wrote personal thank you notes for each one. Before I sent each one, I breathed a silent "thank you" to the Universe for answering my intention.

But I'm human, and my eyes kept sliding over to the ambitious fundraising target I'd set. Each time, my brain was triggered to think "You'll never make that goal. What do you think you're doing?"

And then I got it: here was my chance to let go of doom-and-gloom thinking. Why not believe that my goal could be met?

I wasn't sure how it could happen...but perhaps I didn't need to know. Maybe there were ways I didn't know of yet? There was certainly no harm in trying on that new belief.

All I could lose was my fear.

So I revved up the momentum. I sent another round of emails. I posted to my online communities and asked them to share. I talked to everyone I met about what I was doing. Each day I watched the video again, letting the wonder in the children's eyes touch my heart.

And I didn't stop believing it could happen. When doubts came up, I squashed them like pesky ants. Instead I pictured myself in New York City on my way to the Camino, joyful through and through as I handed my contact at the New York City Ballet a big, juicy check to create more of their groundbreaking workshops for differently-abled kids.

More donations came in, many with sweet notes of support. Yes!

Then at noon last Monday, I opened my email and there it was: a $2,000 donation...from someone I've never met. (Thank you, Universe!)

Now $2,000 may not be big in your world, but it's big in mine. I don't believe it was luck that brought in that donation. It started with my willingness to receive it: willingness supported by a sense of purpose and joy, and backed up by action that sent the message "I'm committed to this."

What does all of this have to do with the financial effects of cancer?


In my years of supporting cancer survivors as doctor and coach, I've witnessed over and over the financial devastation cancer treatment can cause, even for the insured. Travel, college tuitions and savings accounts for grandchildren are put on hold as it becomes harder to cope month by month. Worry about mounting bills occupies the stage where dreams once danced.

Yes, it would be wonderful if we had a healthcare system that didn't create such devastation. That's a topic for another day.

If you're struggling with the financial consequences of cancer, what's most important is what you can do right now to find your way back to a place of ease. And my fundraising story is a good reminder that - like it or not - the solution starts within us.

It's not your fault that it happened.

It's understandable that you'd be angry, doubtful and scared.

But we have to be willing to give up the anger, the self-doubt and the fear if we want to bring abundance back into our lives.

Easier said than done? Sure.

But possible, as the Universe reminded me this week. Every one of us is more resourced than we know -- no exceptions.

We'll talk about this some more in my upcoming post.

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