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Healing The Healer: The Peanut Allergy Treatment Story

A story of a journey through peanut allergy treatment.

You never know until you try. That’s why 13-year-old Michael Lee is feeling much better now that he and his mother decide to take a chance and experiment with a groundbreaking peanut desensitization program from Dignity Health. With the help of his doctor, Dr. Inamdar, who took a chance on science, Lee defeated a peanut allergy that his mother thought would leave him in pain forever. Today, they want to express their gratitude to the doctor who helped change Michael’s life. Watch the video to learn more about peanut allergies & treatment, while experiencing a true patient-doctor connection developed during the process. 

When confronted with a life-changing health condition, there are many important ways one can take charge and manage it effectively. With human connection at the foundation of healing, Dignity Health doctors are committed to helping with that process. Learn more about its dedication to improving quality of life for all through compassion and humankindness.