Healing The Human Heart In A World That Seems To Be Mad

Healing The Human Heart In A World That Seems To Be Mad
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In a world that at times seems to have gone mad, what can you do? How should you feel? What is your part to creating a world where peace is more present than fear, hate, shame and hurt? You can do much more than you think - just by who you choose to be and what you choose to give your life force to.

These are the questions that have been on my heart and mind the last few days as I have sat deeply in my own feelings of what and how to respond to what is happening in our world that at times can feel so overwhelming.

With non-stop social media and news channels it can be easy to think the problem is out there. But the truth is the separation, the anger, the fear, the blame, the violence is not just out there, it is inside of each of us. In how we treat ourselves, in every interaction we have every day with every person in our lives.

If we want stories of peace and human hearts banding together streaming through our media channels not just in times of tragedy but as a way of daily life, we must each take the step to turn within, to our own hearts. While it is good to sign petitions, give money and flood the social channels with love, if we want the love to stick, if we want a different reality to emerge, we have to go into the places inside ourselves where the blame, anger, hate, and shame live, and love it.

A wise man gave us the key to healing the human heart when he told us, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself." Six words that equal the equation to peace on earth. Yet 2000 years later, most of us have not mastered this equation. Even the most spiritually evolved struggle with judgment, envy, comparison, blame, and shame, because we fail to love ourselves and so in the process fail to love others.

•You turn within, love yourself and forgive yourself for all the ways in which you have hated, blamed, shamed, and judged yourself.

•Then every day for the rest of your life you stay awake and conscious about when the fear inside you bubbles out in blame, shame, judgment, comparison, criticism, bullying, and manipulating and you choose love for yourself and for the other person instead.

•In the moments your ego wants to fight, flee, freak out or freeze, instead you choose to let your human heart take the reigns and act and speak from love, for yourself and others.

•In the moments you fail, forgive yourself and ask for forgiveness.

Your heart will be stronger for it and you will do your part to create peace on this planet.

The shift to love will come one human heart at a time. Your heart is enough to make all the difference.

I know that this practice is not easy. If it was we would have make the 6 word equation part of our normal human operating system 2000 years ago. But we live today at a time like no other in human history where the ancient wisdom that stands the test of time and our modern technology which runs at such a fast speed means this shift can occur in our lifetime. That is the power we each have beating right inside our bodies. Choose to love yourself. Choose to transform the fear that arises. Choose to forgive and live with fierce grace. This is enough to change the world.

If you would love to go deeper into your heart and find more about your personal part, I created a 33 minute recording & meditation for my Feminine Power Time podcast "Do Your Part for Peace: A Call to the Human Heart" this week that you can tune into.

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