HEALING VIGILANTE: Riding the Waves of Doubt

Here I am in my Uplifter Superhero costume with <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.girlupliftersteam.com/ambassadors/" target
Here I am in my Uplifter Superhero costume with our amazing ambassadors and performers, pictured counter clockwise starting with me: Aimee, Jade, Mia, Miya, Layla, Eloise, Scarlett, Shiloh, Ivy, Lily, Raegan, Olivia, Mackenzie, Damoni, Maya, and Brooke.

In this moment, I am filled with Joy. Finally.

Admittedly, it took a couple of days to shake out the little waves of yuck that come when embarking on what I feel will be my legacy. On Sunday, September 24th, I hosted - and facilitated - the first ever Girl Uplifters Team™ (G.U.T) Gathering, to support young girls and their families learn and practice uplifting themselves, and others.

A little backstory: The G.U.T is in existence because I was looking for something like this for me and my daughters. I wanted something where they could learn at an early age about self-care during a tough moment, being kind, and uplifting themselves and others. I was also hoping for something more body-mind oriented and experiential, versus just educational. I looked everywhere to no avail.

Since I couldn’t find it I thought, “Well, guess I will create it!”

So, I found myself writing a business plan, designing a logo, trademarking that logo, building a website, and - within days - creating the G.U.T GATHERING™. I began to share about it...

I thought it would be about 50 people or so. But as the word got out, I ended up selling out the venue and having a waiting list. And, with anxious excitement, I found myself standing before over 200 people, as the sole voice to plant an uplifting seed in each of them. Whoa.

Allow me a moment to share my inner thoughts about that day...

There is something incredibly vulnerable about deciding to start something new, and trying to put a profound message out into the community. As I watched the Del Mar Plaza deck top transform into the Girl Uplifters Team™ Gathering - seeing my friends from 28+ years building, bending, hanging, moving, sweating...and I watched about 180 people come and set their mats down before me, smiling, dancing...I had moments of, "Do I deserve this?" "Can I even do this?" and “Will this be worth it them?” come up.

Then - as I attempted to engage this crowd of young, growing girls and their parents - all there with the hopes of practicing and reinforcing positivity in their hearts. All there because they deeply desire to have a young girl grow into a healthy, confident, happy young woman...I felt stripped down. I felt a strong sense of responsibility. I felt humbled. I feel humbled in this moment, as I type this.

As the facilitator and creator of this event, which people actually invested their money, I had a unique perspective, and a mixture of thoughts dancing in my head. I had an attachment and fear to make this event something worthy, moving, and uplifting...I had a real need for these individuals to leave with a sense of peace, hope, and capability. In the midst of that, I had multi-second waves of, "Is it too long? Gosh it's hotter than I thought? Are they leaving? Why are they leaving? Are they enjoying this? Can they tell I’m nervous?"

At the same time, I felt a trust in myself and the universe that had me thinking, "How could they NOT feel uplifted?"

So, as each little wave of doubt came up - I practiced what I was teaching: I uplifted myself. I took a Stress Relief Breath - breathed myself back into the present moment - and I reminded myself of why we were all there; why I created the G.U.T.

Sara and her daughter, Hannah, have a sweet moment while participating in the Listen &amp; Share exercise.
Sara and her daughter, Hannah, have a sweet moment while participating in the Listen & Share exercise.

My conclusion: Because I genuinely, authentically care about G.U.T™ Mission - and people. Because even while thrashing through those waves of doubt, and fear, and challenge - my heart and my intention is SO, SO, SO GOOD. My vision for the GLOBAL impact the G.U.T™ and (soon - and announcing!) the Great Uplifters Team™ will have is massive. And totally, completely doable. It is not just a dream or a hope. It just makes sense.

Will I need to make adjustments? Yes. Will I get some not-so-uplifting feedback? Already have. Will some people call me a hippie? I’ll take it. Will I make mistakes? Definitely already have. Will I learn and grow from those mistakes? Heck yes.

G.U.T™ 1.0 has my heart and wheels spinning, and I am feeling motivated. Maybe it will take until G.U.T™ 11.0 to get it down - and things will shift and change - but one thing will stay the same: MY INTENTION and MY MISSION - which comes only from positivity and my belief in humanity and community. As long as that comes through in all I do - then a mistake or two (or ten) along the way does not matter. I will learn from it all and stay on the path of my vision. Steadfast. Unyielding. And, of course, Uplifting.

I cannot wait to see how big and fat the G.U.T™ gets, and everything that it will teach me. It is much easier to ride that wave of doubt, when I am filled with so much TRUST. I hope to see every human experience and be part of the G.U.T (whether it’s GIRLS or GREAT Uplifters Team)!

A special thank you to all who attended the first ever G.U.T GATHERING™ - and especially to all of those who volunteered to help. It was truly uplifting!

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