HEALING VIGILANTE: The Dangerously Low Morale of America

Morale is low in America...but it can get lower if something does not shift.
Morale is low in America...but it can get lower if something does not shift.

I've been trying to connect why I feel so incredibly yucky about what's happening with the Trump administration. After discussion and process, I am clear: company morale is very low in America.

Yes, company morale.

The President is the CEO of the corporation known as America – and his actions affect the overall morale of it. And right now, a lot of people are not inspired to “work”.

In my lifetime, I've never seen our "employees" more divided, disgruntled, and dissatisfied – for a variety of pretty solid reasons. Perhaps this is one thing everyone can agree upon (right!?). Even those excited of all the changes have to see the division in the "company" deepening – and the morale is tumbling. It’s hard to go to work chipper and motivated, when you’re irritated with Marvin in the cubicle next to you.

Even if a company is financially successful, if morale is low...it's hard to truly thrive. Why? Because thriving is not about money. If your “company” makes a bunch of money, but the majority of the “employees” are left feeling nervous, marginalized, helpless, and demoralized – that is not thriving. That is YOU, and a small group of people, thriving (financially mostly) – not the company. Usually thanks to the effort (and the tax dollars) of the majority.


I've heard many say, "just accept it", and some – like myself – really want to try. But it's simply not realistic for people to be in unity and just accept what is happening. In a company, if a CEO was consistently dishonest, defiant, bullish, reactive, inconsistent, and had a history of sexual harassment it would be normal for employees to be skeptical and concerned. It would be difficult and against human nature to “just accept it”.

Even some who voted for Trump are struggling to do that.

Ask around – I am one of the most optimistic people you’ll ever meet. I am always looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, the lesson in tragedy, willing to forgive, I’m communicative, and consciously trusting in what is unfolding. I am also a realist. And, man, right now even I'm having a really hard time being optimistic when it comes to the Trump administration.

Yes, something needs to shift - from the top down. Our CEO and his team need to have a "company" meeting and offer something uplifting and inspirational...to help us to see how these decisions, changes, and orders are going to lift us up as a nation without having to push another person/population/country down. To help us know that our rights are protected and that we are not being manipulated or cheated – that we are valued employees.

They also need to demonstrate consistency, to build trust in our CEO and his administration that his plan will #makeamericagreatagain in ways that will benefit the majority of it’s employees, other than just financially. America is the greatest country BECAUSE of it’s artistry, creativity, diversity, communities, opportunities, innovations, and freedoms. Throughout time, America has been the “company” that other “companies” (countries) have looked to for their own business plan.

If things like that get shut down, if American morale continues to decrease – how can we really be great? How can we inspire? If one department in the company is getting all of the perks, while the others watch, how can we be unified? How can the “company” aka America thrive?

The majority of these recent decisions seem money driven in some way. And if there's one thing I've learned as a therapist, and a human, it's that money doesn't create happiness. It's not what makes you thrive. It's community, connection, and love. It's experiencing joy. It's feeling accepted and acknowledged, that you're thoughts and opinions matter, and a sense of purpose. I am so sad to see how these decisions are going to hinder that for so many people.

It is so important that we set aside whom we voted for and look at what is happening in the PRESENT administration...the changes being made. Are they are good/bad for our country and economy? For our foreign relations? Are they going to create/lose jobs? Are they going to divide/unite communities?

Overall, how they are affecting the morale of Americans?

Look around you…at the news, social media, your community...at the person whom you unfriended when just months ago you enjoyed talking to them. Check in with your body, heart, and mind when you scroll through Facebook. How are things? How do you feel inside?

American morale is absolutely low, but it’s not at it’s lowest. If you do not see it, then you are in denial, fear, or ignorance. It is obvious. A big part of my yucky feeling is that I feel helpless in a company that seems to be going in a way that is VERY incongruent with how I live life. I have been at a company like this before. The big difference is…I can’t just quit my country and go find a new one without making huge changes.

I appreciate POTUS wanting to get the deadbeat, lazy, and ineffective “employees” working harder. But what’s sad is upstanding employees like myself – who work hard, give back to the community, try to be part of positive change, and produce for our “company” are feeling disheartened. I believe I am one of millions, including some Trump voters, who are starting to feel the same way.

A solid CEO would look at this and want to take action. He would outsource an effective morale-building specialist; perhaps enroll some team-building activities. At the very least, he would address the employees and offer encouragement. Even a reassuring tweet would be nice.

At this point, I can only hope that is going to happen. In the mean time, I’m just going to do my job, which is to focus on my inner self, and micro-communities: my small family unit, extended family, friends, and every day interactions…to have compassion for my coworkers.

I am a strong person, so I can do that. I can put my nose to the grindstone and make sure I’m doing every single thing I can to be an effective, productive, and positive part of my “department”. I am determined to have joy and be amazing at my “job” despite my disappointment in the current leadership, and take care of myself when the job starts to get to me.

I’m not sure exactly what that will look like. Maybe I will continue to meditate and send out positive vibes every day. Maybe I will join a march, contact “human resources”, write an article, or join a support group. Maybe I will just keep my own yard clean and beautiful, and hope that inspires others to do the same. I am not known to sit idle, or not have a voice – so I will have these moments where I express myself. Overall, I am committed to doing my part and staying on the positive path. I will be accountable for my words and actions. I invite others to do the same, including our CEO.

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