Health Advice: Listen To Your Body

This post is part of Sophie Keller's "How Happy Is" series on The Huffington Post. This week, Sophie offers advice on your health:

Have you noticed that when you get anxious or angry you suddenly get a physical ailment or even become accident-prone? Illnesses and accidents often occur at times of change or stress, such as moving to a new home, getting married or a change in your employment situation. This kind of uncertainty and fear can throw you off balance. In the same way, if you injure your body, you might want to look to see if there is a deeper, emotional component. Depending on the part of your body that is "stressed," this could mean different things:

Your Back: Your back represents your support system. If you tend to hold on to feelings or avoid dealing with them, you may experience back pain. If you do have back pain, ask yourself if you feel supported by those who are close to you. If you've had the pain for a while, think back to when it first started and see if you can remember whether you felt unsupported in your life when the pain began. Sorting out these old issues might help your back heal and release some of the stuck energy.

Your Arms: Your arms express your innermost feelings. Just think of all the things you do with your arms: holding, hugging, pushing away, folding to protect your heart, reaching out. Injuring your shoulder, elbow,,wrist or hand can often be an indication of an emotional conflict and an ability to reach out to others.

Your Neck: Your neck gives you the ability to see all around you. When it becomes stiff, it limits your movement and vision. A stiff neck can indicate that you are becoming narrow in your views or do not want to look back or forward. If you do injure your neck, you might want to ask yourself, 'What don't I want to look at?'

Your Legs:
If you hurt your legs, often there is a conflict about the direction you are going in or a fear of moving forward.

Your Stomach: Your stomach is about digesting your reality, and not just your food. If your reality is indigestible, then indigestion can assail you. If you have a pattern of stomach issues, like acid in the stomach, stomach ulcers or constipation, you might want to determine if you are feeling emotionally nourished and if your reality is in conflict with what you really want.



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