The Health Benefits Of Dogs Make Them The Perfect Companion For Your Heart And Your Well-Being (VIDEO)

WATCH: Want To Live Longer? Get A Dog

The best parts of having a dog are obvious -- quality snuggling, great belly rub sessions and tons of precious photos to post on Instagram.

But research has shown that furry friends also offer tangible benefits to your physical health. People who live with a pup tend to have better blood pressure, lower risk of depression and increased longevity after heart attacks, to name only a few.

Dogs can also be an amazing stress reliever in the workplace, which the Huffington Post team experienced firsthand on Friday when HuffPost National Editor Kate Palmer brought along her buddy Nico, who she calls "part Shih Tzu, part devil."

Palmer talked with HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd about how Nico has changed her life for the better. Caring for a dog "requires some amount of coordinating," Palmer said, but the upsides far outweigh the burden of responsibility.

"They are just really wonderful creatures, and they give you back so much more than you give them," she said.

Check out the full conversation about the health benefits of dogs at HuffPost Live HERE.

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