The Health Benefits of Olive Oil

I really want everyone to experience extraordinary olive oil. The timeless golden liquid is delicious, packed with health benefits and is as special as fine wine. At this time of the year, just at harvest, you will experience the peak taste in the oils.

It is fun tasting olive oils, and my favorite way is to pick tasters of oils from all different regions in dry-pop popcorn with pink Himalayan sea salt. You can taste the oils then pick your favorites. Of course the hardcore method is to take a quick sip at the front of your tongue and then suck it in and wait for the magic to begin. All the layers of taste experiences come and the flavors explode. Olive oil should never taste greasy or oily. It should have a little kick to it, meaning that it is packed with the blessed nutrients and the scent should take you right to the orchard.

My passion for olive oil started during my childhood when I learned from my mom that olive oil was the multi-use wonder oil. It could do everything from keeping us regular to making my hair shine, and she proved it.

Ten years ago I decided to pursue my passion direct to the source. I traveled to many orchards in the olive belt and around the world to find the best. Harvest time is my favorite time because it conjures up a very comforting magical time. I want everyone to share my love of olive oil fresh from the harvest starting now especially with all of the holiday meals ahead.

During my search for the best oils, I learned from a Sicilian woman what her favorite use for the olive oil was (besides a great meal). This woman, Josephine, told me that it was her secret to a long happy marriage. Instead of saying sorry, you can make up by giving a really great massage. Of course olive oil massages always get the best results!

I use natural lavender flowers from France in first-press olive oil to make my massage oil. The benefits of this type of massage are many -- some being that the ingredients are lovingly applied and the nutrients are also being absorbed into the body. My friend Vinny once told me his doctor has six patients all over 90-years-old and each of them have one life experience in common and that is they all have regular massages.

So now, follow in my mother's footsteps and I will introduce olive oil as romantic, sexy and good for you.