Health Care: Mission Failed

Trump could gain from the military on leadership.

President Trump and the Republican controlled House failed after eight years of promises and sixty-two previous attempts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Then, unlike now, Republicans did not have majority in both houses of Congress required to override President Obama’s veto. It was principled posturing. A commitment to do better if given power. Heath care gave detail to President Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan’s leadership style while spot lighting their legislative decision making process. Hastily forced ― ram rod ― take it or leave it ― giving Democrats no say and leaving Republican non-unification displayed full frontal.

Trump’s lack of accomplishment is a profound reflection of his inability to do what he said he would if elected. Trump was careless and loose with the facts on how American lives would be better under his plan. An artificial timeline deployed as a threat to force the vote of a bill that was not well thought out or whipped properly to ensure passage. If Trump’s failure to repeal and replace the ACA is emblematic of his leadership and decision making process, we got swamp land when promised estates in Hollywood Hills.

The Republican controlled Congress and most importantly, Trump’s administration, could learn from the military on how to successfully enact legislation. Military decision making process begins when a warning order is received outlining the mission goal ― much like a candidate setting a political platform. From the start of planning, the point of view taken, what can go wrong, will go wrong. The “unknown ― unknowns” as put by former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. Contingency’s discussed. Unintended consequences intensely thought out. Course of actions analyzed and compared. We utilize backward planning predicated on time required to complete the mission successfully. Unreal timelines lead to mission failure as Trump’s action’s show. Detailed planning conducted a head of time, not hurriedly during mission execution.

The Republican controlled Congress and most importantly, Trump’s administration, could learn from the military on how to successfully enact legislation.

War planning is a most serious profession. Being in control of the legislative branch of government is a sober business. Being President of the United States is the solemnest vocation of all. Trust of process and integrity of fact need to be established. Trust in the president’s word. His policy agenda. Detail in how policy implemented will be for the good of country. Trump’s first attempt at policy implementation failed. He lost by not paying attention to detail. In Trump’s words “ ‘Forget about the little s—t’, Trump reportedly told the Freedom Caucus on Thursday. ‘Let’s focus on the big picture here’ “ as reported by The Hill. Trump learned, details matter, when it comes to successful passage of legislation.

Since the health care debacle there is continued concern over President Trump’s leadership style. Trump stated to Business Insider that negotiations are “give-and-take. But it’s gotta be mostly take. Because you can’t give. You gotta mostly take.” According to Georgetown professor, Christine Porath “It may be very appropriate for Trump or any other leader to use that style of negotiation, if the issue’s very important to us or if he’s up against someone with that style, because you don’t want to get steamrolled,” she said, but “Typically, if there’s a pattern of that style, people will not want to work with you. You’re losing out on the relationship or the long-term gain of being able to collaborate with a person, group, or country.”

Trump could gain from the military on leadership. Principles of Leadership demand that we:

 BE- Technically and tactically proficient. Possess character traits: courage, commitment, candor, competence and integrity.

KNOW- yourself and seek self improvement. Continually develop.

DO- Seek responsibility and take responsibility. Set the example. Ensure the task is understood, supervised, and accomplished.

By not knowing the details of his plan or supervising a vote to successful passage Trump is an example of failure. Trump’s response to non achievement ― blame the Democratic minority, “We had no Democrat support” ― Speaker Ryan, “Privately, the president said he regretted going along with Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s plan” ― The Freedom Caucus, “ ’disappointed’ and ’surprised’ that he had not been able to get more members”. Trump did not take responsibility.

Trump continues to erode trust every day he holds office. Through his leadership, his words, his actions. Trump’s proven lack of understanding of important detail will impact citizens’ and veterans’ lives. Those who fight war trust leadership or the mission will fail. Mission failure is never an option. Trump failed on a long promised mission eating away confidence in his ability to close the deal on future hallmark legislation. As Tomahawk Missile’s fly and a U.S. Naval ship deploys to the Korean Peninsula, reversing on his America First campaign policy, I ask again, how can Trump be trusted?