Health Care Protester Exposed As GOP Operative

Congressman Steve Kagen, (D-Wisc.) found himself interrupted during a town hall meeting on health care on Thursday evening which, considering the boisterous protests going on at these events all week, wasn't much of a surprise.

But towards the end of the Wisconsin Democrat's health care forum something a bit peculiar happened. A woman who initially identified herself as "just a mom from a few blocks away" who was "not affiliated with a political party" was outed by a reporter as a GOP operative who worked for Kagen's election opponent John Gard as well as the Republican Party of Wisconsin and the Republican National Committee.

Her LinkedIn profile shows her as still being a member of the RNC and state party, as well as an adviser to the IT committee of the state party.

We don't know why Blish chose to describe herself the way she did. And there's certainly nothing wrong with people showing up at a town hall to express their differences.

But Blish's misdirection feeds a suspicion that she -- like some other protesters at these events -- are there to create political theater rather than participate in serious debate.

This story has been updated since it was originally posted.