Utah Health Department Ranks Vaccination Rates By Zodiac Sign — And WTF, Scorpios?

Some are on the cusp of being exhausted by the topic of COVID-19 vaccinations. The health department in Salt Lake County found a clever way to spark interest.

Well, we suppose Scorpio season is almost upon us.

The Salt Lake County Health Department in Utah ranked the COVID-19 vaccination rates of the different star signs, and found that scorpions — despite having a stinger — don’t like to get pricked.

The department shared its findings on Twitter Wednesday, and Scorpios were at the bottom of the list (presumably because they don’t want to be around anyone) while Leos were at the top (because they always need to be No. 1).

The department also assured its followers that the findings were “based on data.”

The department got its results by obtaining anonymized birthdates from the county’s vaccination data. It then compared those figures to national estimates for each sign’s share of the overall population, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

“Obviously, it’s not super scientific because we are talking astrology,” department spokesman Nicholas Rupp told the Tribune of the results.

But the agency also explained its reasoning for compiling and sharing its tongue-in-cheek data when a few killjoys (presumably Capricons) criticized it online.

“What we’re really doing is finding new and different ways to keep our community talking about vaccination when there is significant message fatigue around the topic,” the department said on Twitter.

Someone who wants to keep the conversation going, huh? The department seems like a total Gemini.