If You Could Only Give One Piece Of Health Advice, What Would It Be?

There's no shortage of health information out there. Whether you're hoping to decrease your salt intake or learn more about integrative medicine, with the help of the Internet, the answer is only a click away. While we know a lot about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle -- and scientists are constantly discovering more -- deciding which diets, habits or fitness routines are right for you can become overwhelming in the midst of so much material.

The more you read the more confusing everything becomes. Are you eating the right whole grains? Is it better to avoid dairy altogether? Which diets are fads and which ones actually aid weight loss?

Of course it takes more than one silver bullet to live a healthy lifestyle -- but in the spirit of streamlining, we asked 25 of our favorite health experts to tell us: If You could only share one piece of health advice, what would it be? Click through for their answers -- which resonate? And which would you skip?

Health Advice From 25 Experts