Health Reform Pressure Builds For Undecided Democrats

Health Reform Pressure Builds For Undecided Democrats

Dennis Kucinich has been the most high-profile target of the White House's lobbying campaign for health care votes, but he's not the only one.

With Kucinich flipped, the pressure will only continue growing on the other 37 House Democrats who voted against health care reform back in November and remain in the Congress (Eric Massa, another no vote, won't have a say this time around).

In today's roundup of undecided Democrats from McClatchy, a series of prominent holdouts say their primary consideration is constituent feelings towards the health care bill, not White House demands. Still, the intense lobbying for Kucinich suggests that Democratic leaders believe most holdouts are in play.

A table of every House member's current position on health care reform is available via the Washington Post, where clicking on the "Current Leaning" tab will sort the undecideds. Users can also sort by total contributions from the health care industry and percentage of uninsured constituents.

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