ICYMI: Toy Labeling And What Really Happens Under General Anesthesia

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This week, we're reading stories about being judged. One obstetrician describes the struggle of being unable to breastfeed and why we need to support women, not shame them, if they try to breastfeed and just can't do it.

We also read an account of how frustrating it can be to have attention deficit disorder -- a condition many people wrongly associate with young boys -- as an adult woman.

And finally, we took a peek inside the potential fallout of the Ashley Madison hack, which could have traumatic psychological consequences for users who have their affairs exposed in a very public way.

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Two psychologists spend 29 years developing a formula for perfecting romantic relationships.

John began to feel as if he could eavesdrop on a couple sitting across from him in a restaurant and get a pretty good sense of their chances of divorce.

It's important for health care providers to encourage women to breast feed without shaming those who can't do it.

If you decide to stop breast-feeding, let me give you permission to do so. You are no less a mother, and your child will be just fine.

Online shaming can have pretty serious consequences.

Users might develop a habit of opening their inboxes and waiting for the worst-case-scenario email from their partner, or becoming tense every time they answer a phone call from their spouse, wondering if they're about to be exposed.

Taking boy-girl labels off toys isn't going to make kids questions their gender.

'Girls don’t want to touch it if it’s labeled a boy’s toy.' When the exact same toy is labeled as a girl’s toy, however, the girls are interested.

Some doctors do horrifying things while their patients are under general anesthesia, according to a new report in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Once she was unconscious, the doctor started performing a uterine massage -- the standard treatment for the condition -- and managed to stop the bleeding, saying, as he did, 'Atta girl. That's what I like. A nice, tight uterus.'

ADHD affects men and women equally, but women are much less likely to be diagnosed.

'Juuuuust chill out,' he interrupted, patting my knee in a fatherly sort of way. 'You don’t have ADD. You’re just lazy.' His tone suggested this was a compliment. 'Besides,' his smile widened, 'isn’t that a little-boy thing?'

Reducing the number of abortion clinics doesn't reduce abortion, it just makes the practice less safe for women.

'When women want to end a pregnancy they find a way,' Singh said. 'One lesson from this study is that even in countries with very restrictive laws, women are still seeking abortions. The problem is, it’s more likely to be unsafe.'

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