ICYMI: Why Men Grow Beards And When Self-Care Goes Wrong

Health stories you may have missed this week.

ICYMI Health features what we're reading this week.

This week, we read up on why men have worn beards throughout history and whether or not there's a connection between facial hair and personality.

And in more serious fare, we were drawn to stories about health remedies that do more harm than good. In one, chronic pain patients are seeking relief inside radium "health mines," despite the link between uranium's byproduct -- radon gas -- and cancer. And a separate essay questioned the limits of using retail therapy to address anxiety in the wake of a family emergency.

Read on and tell us in the comments: What did you read and love this week?

1. Inside The Trauma Centers Treating Ukraine's Veterans -- The Huffington Post

Many Ukrainian soldiers are reluctant to seek mental health treatment for trauma they endured during the war with pro-Russian separatists.

In Ukrainian society, the word 'psychologist' scares people.

2. Beards, Why? -- The Atlantic

Throughout history, beards have signaled masculinity, strength and authority.

There’s no telling which came first: The loutishness or the ‘stache.

3. The Radioactive Remedy -- Pacific Standard

In Boulder, Montana, hundreds of patients flock to uranium "health mines" for pain relief, despite the fact that breathing radioactive radon has known health risks, including lung cancer.

We are a last resort. I've heard it so many times: "I cannot continue to live like this."

4. Researchers Map How Scientific Misinformation Spreads On The Internet -- The Huffington Post

Confirmation bias, or seeking out information that supports your preexisting views, is a huge problem.

The conservative echo chamber -- Fox News, talk radio, conservative columnists and bloggers -- combine to create a "bubble" in which many committed Republicans live, and when it comes to scientific issues we find that they literally create an "alternative reality" in which human-caused climate change is a hoax.

5. I'll Take Care Of You -- The Billfold

When the author's father suffers a serious stroke, she falls back on an expensive self-care routine to cope.

I’ve been craving not only these luxurious items but human kindness, too. Not the pitying kindness one normally gets during a family crisis, but the bland, deferential kindness that makes me feel calmer and wealthier than I really am.

6. Even The Insured Can Face Crushing Medical Debt, Study Finds -- New York Times

A full 20 percent of Americans with health insurance had trouble paying their medical bills last year.

We don’t go to the movies. We don’t go out for breakfast on Saturday morning. None of our pets are going to the vet this year for a checkup. I’m cutting back on Christmas presents this year because the money’s not there.

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